Episode 187: Downfall of Society

Bri has a list of four things that are leading to the downfall of society, Jay tries to guess them and then we discuss.  We also talk about a few more depressing topics this episode, including corruption and death, it’s a real downer!

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Episode 186: Lowered Expectations

Marc and Jay finally do another episode, top 5 differences between your 20′s and 30′s, winter olympics, bad parenting, some more news stories and a few rants

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Episode 185: World Gone Mad

Marc and Jay talk about the all the insane things that have happened in just the last two weeks including Marcs run in with a crazy person and perhaps a crazier cop, people setting themselves on fire, motorcycle gangs, baby raping, government shutdowns, police murdering people and much more

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Marc teaches Jay about the debt ceiling


This is an email exchange between Marc and Jay regarding the United States debt ceiling.  Yes, we do have actual conversations that aren’t about nonsense like farting on subways.  Can you guess which one reads journals and which one reads x-men comics in his spare time?

Jay:  Obama said raising the debt ceiling does not raise the actual debt.  Now I don’t have my MBA yet but I’m pretty sure making the number of dollars owed higher means you owe more money.

Marc: Yep, you don’t have an MBA. All the debt ceiling means is the amount we are allowed to borrow. We need to borrow more money because we owe more money than we have. The budget and the debt ceiling are separate things. In simplest terms, our budget is set for us to pay $100 this year but we only have $80 on hand. We want to borrow $20 so we can pay the full $100 that we owe and the republicans are saying they won’t let us borrow that last $20. Except in this case, instead of $20 we owe $17 trillion and we need to borrow more because our bills are higher than what we are taking in. Essentially in accounting terms, our debts are higher than our credits on our balance sheet so we need to borrow money to make up that shortfall and the republicans are against it. It is not the best idea to have to keep borrowing more money but that should be worked out when you make the budget and not when the bill comes. Continue reading

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Episode 184: Marc Hates Puns

Jays cable drama, Dexter finale, top 5 Dexter spinoffs, top 5 ways to drive coworkers crazy, Marcs son is finding new ways to make his life difficult, real life GTA, video ads, much more

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Episode 183: 6th Sense

Seeing ghosts, awkward conversation guy, Dexter, terrible criminals, the worlds biggest vag, facial piercings, fall TV lineup, more

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Rant #976 – Camping Out For First Day Releases

The only thing I’m jealous of is how much free time you have.

Oh look you got that new iphone/game system before me, I’m super impressed!  All it took is sleeping on concrete and sitting in your own shit filled diapers for two days, awesome!  As for me, I’m going to wait an entire week and get the same exact thing in less than an hour.  But you, firsties!

I’m seriously dumbfounded that camping out for something just to get it on opening day is a thing.  No one gives a shit that you got an iphone on day one, if anything we think you’re pathetic for waiting on line for 72 hours and a show off for flaunting your stupid phone.  And look you got the new video game system before anyone, hope you enjoy the two games that are available at the time.

Wait, what’s that?  You spent $500 and sold it for $1,500?  In a mere 72 hours?  FYI if you worked for 72 hours you could have made more than that, slept in your own bed, showered every morning and taken a shit in an actual toilet.

In closing, you’re dumb and have too much free time.

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Rant #977 – Fast Food Wages

Fast food workers are striking, demanding a $15 an hour minimum wage, which is double what the minimum wage currently is.  Are you kidding me?  And sites like this are making like this is a sane idea.  I get that the minimum wage should be increased, and I think $10 would be fair but on what planet is flipping burgers worth $15 an hour.  Here’s an idea, don’t work at a place that was made for high school kids to make beer and cigarette money or red bull and kale chips or whatever the fuck kids are buying these days.

How about apply somewhere else?

It’s not like the wages at McDonalds were a surprise.  These people applied, interviewed, trained and now work at a place that doesn’t pay enough.  Did these people go through all that, never once asking or being told what the wage is, get their check and be like ‘holy shit!   Continue reading

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Rant #978 – The Weather Channel

I’ve narrowed down what the weather channel is doing to three theories:

1.  They pick the weather based on what mood they are in,

2.  they have a dart board with weather patterns and whoever is throwing the darts sucks at darts, or

3.  they are just trolling everyone.

This is the only possible scenarios for a major company whose sole job it is to predict the weather to be wrong 90% of the time.  I mean being wrong that often defies the law of probability.  They’d be better off just saying 50% chance of nice weather, 50% chance of shitty weather and posting that every day.

I see weekly weather predictions like this:



Continue reading

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Rant #979 – Exploiting Page Clicks

I get it, the more page views you have on your website the higher up your site goes on google rankings but I’m not playing your game.  No way am I clicking onto 20 different pages just to see your whole stupid top 20 article with 1 sentence per page (I’m looking at you BleacherReport).

8 pages about why the Phillies should Re-sign Jimmy? FUCK YOU!

And look at this asshole.  Is there anyone on the planet that would be fine with clicking onto 100 different pages to see the whole list?  Look at this rant.  One god damn page.  Don’t be a part of the problem, if an article has more than 2-3 pages don’t support the webmasters bullshit and click on every single one, it just perpetuates the problem.

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