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The Brink of Sanity
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Rant #24 – The Weather Channel

I’ve narrowed down what the weather channel is doing to three theories:

1.  They pick the weather based on what mood they are in,

2.  they have a dart board with weather patterns and whoever is throwing the darts sucks at darts, or

3.  they are just trolling everyone.

This is the only possible scenarios for a major company whose sole job it is to predict the weather to be wrong 90% of the time.  I mean being wrong that often defies the law of probability.  They’d be better off just saying 50% chance of nice weather, 50% chance of shitty weather and posting that every day.

I see weekly weather predictions like this:



So I’ll bring my umbrella all week.  No god damn rain.  I go out on Saturday without my umbrella and come home soaking wet.

Just last week it said 0% chance of rain.  That’s a pretty confident prediction, I guess they felt pretty confident about that one.  The problem is that it was pouring out at that moment.  I can kinda see getting the next days weather wrong but how the hell do you get the current weather wrong?  Does no one in their company sit near a window?  Do they all work in a solid iron building with no connection to the outside world?

Is there any other multimillion dollar company that sucks so hard at their job?