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The Brink of Sanity
1,001 Rants

Rant #23 – Exploiting Page Clicks

I get it, the more page views you have on your website the higher up your site goes on google rankings but I’m not playing your game.  No way am I clicking onto 20 different pages just to see your whole stupid top 20 article with 1 sentence per page (I’m looking at you BleacherReport).

8 pages about why the Phillies should Re-sign Jimmy? FUCK YOU!

And look at this asshole.  Is there anyone on the planet that would be fine with clicking onto 100 different pages to see the whole list?  Look at this rant.  One god damn page.  Don’t be a part of the problem, if an article has more than 2-3 pages don’t support the webmasters bullshit and click on every single one, it just perpetuates the problem.