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The Brink of Sanity
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Rant #26 – Camping Out For First Day Releases

The only thing I’m jealous of is how much free time you have.

Oh look you got that new iphone/game system before me, I’m super impressed!  All it took is sleeping on concrete and sitting in your own shit filled diapers for two days, awesome!  As for me, I’m going to wait an entire week and get the same exact thing in less than an hour.  But you, firsties!

I’m seriously dumbfounded that camping out for something just to get it on opening day is a thing.  No one gives a shit that you got an iphone on day one, if anything we think you’re pathetic for waiting on line for 72 hours and a show off for flaunting your stupid phone.  And look you got the new video game system before anyone, hope you enjoy the two games that are available at the time.

Wait, what’s that?  You spent $500 and sold it for $1,500?  In a mere 72 hours?  FYI if you worked for 72 hours you could have made more than that, slept in your own bed, showered every morning and taken a shit in an actual toilet.

In closing, you’re dumb and have too much free time.