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Top 5: All-Time Overrated Movies

In Episode 134 of The Brink of Sanity Podcast, Jay and Marc went over their top five all-time overrated movies.

Jay’s Picks

1. Donnie Darko

Let me save you 90 minutes: He walks around slowly with a puss on his face for about an hour or so, a rabbit shows up and a house falls on him. The end.

2. Clerks

Think working at a convenience store is boring? You're right.

3. The Matrix

Just because it's confusing doesn't mean it's good.

4. The Shining

If only this was 1/100 as good as The Simpsons version.

5. The Godfather

This kinda looked like me waiting for something interesting to happen.

And some runner-ups just for the hell of it:

Gone with the Wind

This movie was about four hours long. With about 24 minutes of content.

Austin Powers

What has one joke repeated over and over again with a few dick and fart jokes sprinkled on top? A Michael Myers movie of course!

Marc’s Picks

1. Lord of the Rings

A bunch of midgets run around looking for a ring...nope nothing gay about this movie.

2. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Eternal Boredom of the so Pointless Movie

3. The Green Mile

I am not sure if I was happier when Bid Laden died or when this movie ended.

4. Mystic River

In the beginning of this movie a boy gets kidnapped and molested. I would have preferred that fate to having watched the rest of this movie.

5. Crash

If you consider this movie a smart take on race and society, you probably also consider a box of crayons to be a tasty meal.


The King’s Speech

Here are the order of events in this movie: 1)The King has a stuttering problem; 2) He gets a coach who helps him overcome the stuttering problem; 3) He gives a triumphant speech in which he does not stutter; 4) I ask for my money back.


What the hell happened in this movie and why did that van take forever to fall off that bridge???