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Review of Pan Am

Considering the plummeting ratings Pam Am has gotten the last two weeks I figured I better get this review up before it joins the likes of the Playboy Club and How to Be a Gentleman in the cancelled bin.

I watched the first episode and it felt like it was about 6 1/2 hours long.  They boarded a plane, flew cross country and landed.  That was basically it for the entire hour.  They introduced the four stewardesses and gave a long boring backstory for each.  One is on the cover of a magazine, one is going to be a spy, one found out the guy she was involved with has a family, and one I think is a rebel.  The rebel is Christina Ricci, the only star in the show and I think she’s a rebel because she was grounded at the beginning of the episode.  She had about 5 minutes of screen time and didn’t really do anything so who knows.

This was a soap opera on a plane.  A very slow placed one.  I felt like they were filming the entire cross country flight.  Pretty much nothing was set up for the 2nd episode other than the spy storyline, but that’s not nearly enough to make me watch another episode.  In fact you’d have to physically tie me down to get me to sit though another episode of that.

Grade – D