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The Brink of Sanity
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Rant #17: Unions

I walked past the recent Verizon workers strike in NYC and realized how much I hate unions.

Not working....too hard...need to sit..

I realize unions were originally put together to protect the workers from unsafe working conditions, child labor, ridiculous work shifts, criminally low pay, benefits etc.  That is all well and good, but unions today have morphed into the exact opposite.  Now it’s an excuse to get overpaid and do the least amount of work possible.

Keep complaining about wages fellas

Now if anyone uses non-union workers they get a big inflatable rat in front of their building.  I walked past a union working handing out flyers about why there was this huge rat there.  And by handing out flyers I mean leaning against the wall and holding some papers.  I literally had to walk up to him and take it out of his hand.  I had no intention of helping the union, I just wanted to see why there was a big rat there.

Who's the rat?

Maybe, just maybe the prices of my monthly subway card wouldn’t have gone up 17% last year, one year after going up 6.5% if the MTA wasn’t paying lazy union workers to stand around.

I’m not against unions in theory, but I am against what it has morphed in to.  If you really want to voice your opinion on unfair working conditions more power to you, but if you just want to get paid a ton for being lazy go fuck yourself and go back to work.