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The Brink of Sanity
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Rant #15: Smartphones at concerts

Been to a concert lately? I have, and I’m noticing a really annoying trend.  What’s the deal with everyone in the crowd using their phones to photograph/audio record/videotape the show?  I know, everyone wants to post it on facebook/youtube/twitter/etc for the rest of the world to enjoy, but how about enjoying it yourself?

Watching the concert through a phone....

I’ve got news for you kids, there’s an invention out there that blows away the iPhone. It’s called the human brain, it comes complete with 5 senses, and more memory than anything Apple will ever create.  Try using your eyes to watch the show, your ears to hear the show, and your mind to enjoy the show. Trust me, the memories will last forever.

I was at a show this week, two guys in front of me must have recorded at least half of the songs with their phone while they watched it on the screen.  The tickets for this show started at $75 (luckily, I got my ticket free), and these guys watched the entire show on a 3 x 5 lcd screen, when, if they lifted their heads up about an inch, they could see the show the way it was meant to be, live and in “Real D”, a much more memorable experience.