Review of The New Girl

We watched the first two episodes of The New Girl with Zooey Deschanel.  It’s a sitcom about a girl who finds her boyfriend cheating so she moves out and moves in with 3 guys.  One of the three guys is Damon Wayans Jr., but only for the first episode.  He left to film the second season of Wonderland.  They replaced him with another black guy.  Since Damon Wayans Jr. looks exactly like his father did I thought it would have been better to replace him with his father and never explain why he aged 30 years.  That would have been funny.

The new girl is supposed to be nerdy and quirky.  The way she comes off on the show is borderline retarded.  I found most of the things she said and did either annoying or very far fetched.  The supporting cast isn’t great, but they are a lot better than Whitney’s supporting cast.  A lot of the jokes seemed like they were funny when they were writing it, but not when they filmed it. There are a lot more jokes that fall flat than there are that work.

If you can handle Zooey for more than five minutes without wanting to throw a sledgehammer through your T.V. then maybe this show is for you.  As for me, this show gets a D+