Review of How to Be a Gentleman

Well that was quick.  After only 2 episodes How to Be a Gentleman has been cancelled.  In case you want to see this disaster for yourself, the last 7 episodes that were produced will be aired on Saturdays.  This show confused me, I mean look at this lineup.  It has David Hornsby from Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Kevin Dillon from Entourage, David Foley from Kids in the Hall and News Radio, Mary Lynn Rajskub from Mr. Show and 24, and Rhys Darby from Flight of the Conchords.  They all played characters I loved from shows I loved.  I guess making a show consisting of an entire cast of supporting actors doesn’t work.  This was easily the worst show we’ve watched so far.  And we’ve watched some complete shit.

This was the Odd Couple without jokes.  That’s pretty much all you need to know.  One guy is a gentleman and one is not.  Been there done that.  No one on the show was funny, although David Foley came the closest to an actual comedic performance.  Kevin Dillon was aggravating and hard to watch.  The fact that they hit the laughtrack button at all was an insult to the audience. 

I swear we’re not going to have all negative reviews, but there is no way I could even attempt to make like this show wasn’t complete garbage.

Grade – F