Review of Whitney

Whitney, starring Whitney Cummings has a disclaimer at the beginning of every episode saying how it is filmed in front of a live audience.  A laugh track is also clearly being used for the show, which leads me to believe that the live audience isn’t laughing very much.

We’ve watched all three episodes that have aired so far and there is pretty much the same pattern to every episode.  There is some issue between Whitney and her boyfriend and Whitney ends up taking whatever it is too far.  The first episode is was her trying to do some role play with her boyfriend, the second episode was them trying to have a real first date because they just got drunk at a bar and slept together on their actual first date and the third episode was Whitney giving her boyfriend the silent treatment.

The boyfriend is the best part of the show, as he is the only one who can actually act.  He’s got some funny lines in every episode too.  The rest of the supporting cast is terrible and really bring the show down.  They are all one dimensional characters, they sexual innuendo guy, the bitter single woman, and the overly affectionate couple.  The problem with the supporting cast is that they try to make every line by every person a joke and it seems forced.  I know Whitneys background is in standup, but not every character has to be a stand up comedian.

That being said each episode does have a few funny moments.  It also has a few groaners.  So far the show has been consistently mediocre, which is better than a lot of the other sitcoms we’ve watched so far.  We’re going to stick with it for now but it’s on a short leash.

Grade – C