Review of Charlies Angels

I was expecting this to be horrible but it actually started out better than I thought.  They jumped right into a mission, so there was something interesting going on right away.  And within 5 minutes one of the angels got blown up by a car bomb.  I was thinking ‘Great!  They’ll kill off the rest of the angels in the next 20 minutes and I’ll be done with this show in a half hour!’  Once the first angel died the show went downhill fast.  We got treated to dialogue like this:

Angel 1 – She had no family.
Angel 2 – We were her family.
Angel 1- She was our sister.

The next scene they are trying to figure out who is responsible.  They look at a surveillance camera which is in night vision, and see someone across the street on a motorcycle drive away.  One of the angels said what was on the back of her neck.  This is when I realized you’d have to buy a lot to watch this show.  No way anyone could have seen that, and of course they are able to find the person based on the tattoo on her neck.  The very next scene they find the girl and she’s hotter than the angel who just died so you know she’s the new angel.

The whole show is filmed just like 24 is filmed.  Which is fitting because the bad guy this episode is Carlos Bernard who played Tony Almeida in 24.

There are a bunch of fight scenes where the camera shakes and they cut to different angles so much that you can’t really tell what happened.  About a dozen more really convenient things happen to either have the angels escape or to get them closer to completing their mission.  Turns out The guy Carlos Bernard plays is kidnapping little girls and selling them and the new angel was the one girl that got away.  20 years later he recognizes her instantly.

We’ll skip past more shaky fight scenes, convenient timing and terrible dialogue.  In the end the new angel officially joins them and everyone is happy again.  So it looks like every episode is going to be a separate mission.

This show is very generic.  Cookie cutter plot, very bad dialogue and asks the audience to accept a lot of convenient plot points.  If you want a completely mindless action show I guess you might think it’s OK, but there is nothing in this show that would make you want to watch it over any other show of it’s type on TV.  I’d be surprised if this lasted all season.

Grade – D+