Review of The Playboy Club

Wow, this show got cancelled before I even got to put the review up. We decided to only give this show one episode and NBC didn’t give it much more. The Playboy Club has been cancelled after only 3 episodes. And it was not cancelled because some hate groups tried to get it cancelled, even though they try to take credit for it, or because it was too explicit for tv and was more like a movie from The show got cancelled because it was really bad and no one was watching. Even though I didn’t see any potential in this show I do have to say that networks cancel shows way too quickly these days. Freaks and Geeks was cancelled before the first season finished airing, and it’s one of the highest rated shows of all time, rating higher than Seinfeld and Friends. Also, if we cancelled every show before giving it a chance, show’s that needed a few episodes to get going or started with low ratings like The Wire, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and Married with Children would all have gotten cancelled quickly. That being said the Playboy Club is not one of those shows and it would not have become one of those shows. It was just not a good show.

I think they were trying to be extra tame because they knew people were just waiting to complain about it. It was actually one of the more tame shows on TV despite it’s setting. Here’s a quick summary of the first episode:

New bunny starts at the club (they aren’t wearing revealing outfits and they are just bartenders, just to clarify for all the people who were complaining about it) and dances with a mafia guy. She goes into the back room where he follows her (no security at the club I guess, feel free to rape whomever you want in the back room. There is a struggle and she ends up kicking him in the jugular with her high heel, killing him. He just rolls over dead, no blood. None. Pretty much the rest of the episode is a mafia guy grilling her about being seen with him that night. You know, because if you dance with him then you probably know where he was the rest of the night. The mafia guy was right, but I think it was a little far fetched that he assumed she was responsible. That’s about it. There were a bunch of other side stories that were all very uninteresting. A girl who is dating a bartender but has a secret, a black playboy bunny who wants to be the first black girl on the cover of Playboy, an old bunny who is not the mentor for the rest of them……all really boring subplots.

They showed a preview for episode 2 and could literally have used it for episode 1 and I wouldn’t have known the difference. If the show was going to be that monotonous after one episode then it definitely needed to go.

I’ve seen worse shows (some of those will be reviewed this week actually), but this was something that I had no desire to watch again and apparantly I wasn’t alone.

Grade – C-