Review of Up All Night

Marc did a nice review of Up All Night so I’ll just add a few points.

I feel like they made the promo and then decided they wanted the show to be something else completely but had to tie in to the promo, or the intro, or maybe they rented the baby and wanted to make good on the investment.  After watching two episodes I’m convinced the baby is an afterthought.  They had a total of one, 2 minute scene with the baby in episode two that seemed like it was thrown in as an afterthought.  I’d even be fine with this except that every time they aren’t with the baby they are with Maya Rudolph and the baby is a much better actor.  I found myself reaching for the remote to fast forward every time she was on the screen.  Unfortunately the parts without her aren’t much better.  I was looking forward to this show more than anything else we have lined up, but I’m done with it.  It’s just not good.  I tried really hard to like it.

Grade – D+