Review of The Ringer

In Episode 147 we picked a bunch of new shows to watch and review.  The first of these shows was The Ringer.

It stars Sarah Michelle Gellar who plays twin sisters.  One is supposedly bad and the other is good.  The only way you can tell the difference (since it’s the same person) is one has her hair up and one has her hair down.  But within the first 20 minutes of the show the “good” one supposedly falls off a boat and the bad one takes her identity.  The boat scene was the lowest budget green screen I’ve ever seen.  It made SNL look like Avatar.  They couldn’t find an ocean to film this scene?  Here’s a hint, keep going east or west and you’ll hit one eventually.

Anyway, the bad sister decides to become the good sister.  She ran away from the cops and she’s a witness in a crime, so people are after her.  She forgets a few appointments but is able to find and show up to work, fool her husband (who she has a weird, non-sexual relationship with apparantly, there’s a weird scene where she’s in bed and he walks in, sees her, and makes a face and leaves), and fit in in social situations with her friends. 

It’s revealed the good sister is not so good, as she has been having an affair and she gets a call from the doctor that she’s pregnant with him.  She tells this to the guy she’s having an affair with while her husband is there (you know, the one she’s not sleeping with) and the guy gets mad and walks away.  Her husband apparantly find nothing weird about this at all.

All the dialoge is very slow and boring.  There’s a few more scenes where nothing interesting happens.  A scene where she meets with a cop who is looking for her (but thinks she’s the good sister).  A funny conversation where she says she hasn’t seen her in years, but then says she’d never do something like that, I should know.

Near the end she gets a message to show up at work at night where she hides a gun.  A killer shows up and they have a fight.  The killer pushes her through a wall and someone he gets knocked out.  They land conveniently near the gun where SMG shoots the killer.  The final scene is of the good sister in France getting a call that the hit was unsuccessful.  DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN.

Final thoughts:  This show is terrible.  Half the time I couldn’t tell which twin it was supposed to be and the other half I didn’t care.  The bad special effects, dialogue and plot make this a poo poo platter of…well…. We’re not going to be watching episode 2.  1 show down, 16 to go. 

Grade – D