Rant #16: High School Graduations

Can we stop making such a big deal about high school graduations. Every June, people go nuts for the Class of 20XX, as if their class is the greatest thing ever. I see balloons, decorated cars, ads in the paper, parties, kids walking around like they own the world.  Stop!

You're Not Special

Graduating from high school is something you are supposed to do.  We start school in Kindergarten and continue until we finish 12th grade.  Then we are on our own.

It actually takes more effort not to graduate, than it does to graduate.  Unless you get pregnant and have a kid, or you end up in jail, there really isn’t a good reason for someone not to finish high school.  High school is easy, and this politically correct world we live in is making it easier. Complain, or threaten to complain, and you get your way.  All you have to do is show up, it’s not that difficult.