Rant #14: The ‘I can’t sleep’ Facebook Post

Every day I wake up to at least 5 posts saying “I can’t sleep” or “I didn’t sleep last night.”  Here are the top 9 reasons why you shouldn’t do this because if you aren’t convinced after 9, a 10th reason isn’t going to make a difference:

1.  Nobody gives a damn.
2.  You look like an egotistical asshole to think that people care how you slept.
3.  Nobody gives a shit.
4.  You’d sleep a lot better if you weren’t on the God Damn computer.
5.  Nobody gives a fuck.
6.  It takes time to scroll through these inane posts to get to something with actual substance.
7.  Nobody gives a rats ass.
8.  I don’t sleep well 3-4 nights a week, haunted by my own personal demons, poor life decisions, stress at work and home, staying up too late trying to postpone the inevitability of going to work the next morning, trying to cram in 10 minutes of enjoyment into my sad life, among other things and you never hear about how I can’t sleep.  Why?  Because it’s not fun, cool, interesting, or in any way worth taking the time to type just so my friends can either go ‘boring, next’ or type ‘awww, hope you sleep better tonight lol’.
9.  Nobody gives a crap.