Rant #12: Protesting Gay Marriage

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Last night the New York State Senate passed a bill legalizing Gay Marriage in New York. What I found really interesting is that leading up to the vote there were a lot of protests and shows of support from both sides of the debate. Everyone knew the vote would happen soon and this bill was close to passing. Advocates for Gay Marriage rallied to show their support and convince State Senators to pass this bill. Those against Gay Marriage protested and tried to convince State Senators that they would be out of a job if they passed this bill.

What I find really interesting is that all these supporters and protesters had to get the day off to go protest (assuming they had jobs). So there were two scenarios:

Scenario 1: Hey Boss, I have to ask you for the day off tomorrow. You remember my partner Jim. We have been together now for 9 years and it would mean so much to us if we could be married. We consider this to be a once in a lifetime opportunity and it would be great if I could have the day off to show my support and help make sure this bill passes.

Scenario 2: Hey Boss, I have to ask you for the day off tomorrow. You remember how I hate them Queers. Well tomorrow we are having a rally to make sure they don’t get anymore damn civil rights.  Is it okay if I take the day off to keep the Queers in line?

I mean how do you ask for the day off to protest against gay people. “Yeah boss, I know I am asking a lot to ask for the day off. Also, I’ll need next Friday off because we are having a rally to bring back slavery in America. And, then next month I am going to take a week off and go around beating the crap out of retarded kids. Is that cool?”