Rant #11: Repeating Catch Phrases

In Episode 138 Jay, Marc and Jon from Random Ass Radio talk about the top five things people do that piss us off.  My number 1 was saying/thinking you’re funny, but all you do is repeat pop culture references.  I thought this deserved it’s own top five.

My top 5 overused phrases of the past ten years that I never want to hear again.

1. You are the weakest link, goodbye

Remember this show and everyone who quoted it nonstop?

2.  Winning

I didn’t hate Charlie Sheen before, but all the idiots constantly saying winning make me despise this man.

3.  Worst ______ Ever

It was funny the first time it aired on the Simpsons, then everyone started saying worst (fill in the blank) ever.  Even the Simpsons started abusing this by having comic book guy say it every time he appeared.

4.  Yeah Baby

Not funny the first time, not funny the millionth time

5.  What? and Yeah


This one was beaten to death, resurrected and beat to death again.  Terrible.