Rant #1: The Brady Bunch Paradox – What happened to the other parents?

Did the Brady Bunch ever explain what happed to the natural mother and father that never appear on the show? We know Mike must have implanted his seed in some woman to produce these children. No one thinks Carol was the virgin Mary. There may have been a brief mention of Mike’s first wife passing.  That seems like quite a tragic background to have glossed over. Even worse, we have no clue what happened to Carol’s previous husband or if she was even married to her children’s baby Daddy. And, the kids acceptance of their new family and lack of interest in their previous parents was more unrealistic than any episode of Bewitched.

My Dad is also convinced that Mike Brady was a drug dealer because you never saw him working on the show. He thinks they lived too good of a life to never have worked. I am not sure why he expected to see characters on a half hour show put in a full day of work or how he explained their lack of interest in using the bathroom in five seasons. Also, my Dad seems to discount how hard it is to sell drugs.

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